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I have OCD. Obsessive Creative Disorder.

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The best Arrested Development tribute ever. All scenes in compilation are relevant to the song lyrics.

Song: ‘Flagpole Sitta’ by Harvey Danger.

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Cats in scarves in the fall.

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So I ended up falling asleep around 2 o’clock because I woke up early to be at a house inspection for this house my fiance and I are buying, then at lunch went to a t-rex cafe and I treated myself to a fruity alcoholic drink so  I just woke up - forgive me I am groggy and it’s about 7 but I had a very Awesome HTTYD dream with semi-plot and I need to write it down before I forget.

SO. Basically my dream revolved around Ruffnut who is out flying on a search mission (sans Tuffnut who is at home sick) and comes across a map maker and seller’s shack. He’s really mischievous and bordering on rude, and she can’t make sense of his map collection because it’s nothing like Hiccup ever draws. She goes back to Berk and tells Hiccup about this place. Astrid has been missing for weeks, ever since Stormfly returned to Berk without her rider, so Hiccup has been very worried and exhausted trying to find her but can’t spend too much time away since he is now Chief of Berk, trhat’s why he is sending his and her friends out to do it-however he is intrigued at what Ruffnut tells him.

Him and the gang (not Tuffnut, for some reason my dream just didn;t have him around) try to find this place Ruff spoke of but can’t seem to locate it and everyone gets angry at Ruffnut for forgetting or hallucinating and wasting everyone’s time.

They all head back but she stubbornly determines to find this map hut and it’s rude owner. She goes in and starts yelling at him for moving his shop on her and she demands to see a special map that he refused to show her last time that is at his belt. He says the last person he showed the map was a lovely young blonde with a braid over her shoulder. Ruff instantly realizes he means Astrid and starts question/threatening him. Somehow things escalate and she sets him on fire…yeah don’t know where that came from…and he burns but doesn’t show damage and then Ruff realizes he isn’t human and he reveals himself to be a Frost Troll using magic to discuise himself as human. Apparently he was in hiding. Ruff grabs the map, which also is unburnt and runs out of the shack and onto her dragon. The Frost Giant ye3lls at her in warning to not look at the map but she ignores him. She goes back to Berk to show HIccup this.

They study this map back at Berk and Ruffnut explains the shop was magical by nature and used a Frost Giant owned it. This disturbs HIccup a bit since she stole it and the thing could possibly track her. He studies it all night and figures out there’s a gate to the west the map is indicating, he knows where it is since he knows the most about the surrounding lands he has also mapped.

The next day he and Ruffnut set off for the gate, he takes Ruffnut with him because he doesn’t want the Frost Giant to track her to Berk in his absence to go check out the gate.

IThey end up on the edge of a cliff where there is a rift of energy and Hiccup is not actually sure he wants to go through (If Ruff had told him the Frost Giant has said Astrid probably went through it he would but Ruff hadn’t told Hiccup this).

Ruff decides to try it, gets off her Zippleback and tells Hiccup to punch her brother for her if she doesn’t return, The wind picks up and she goes through the rift, ends up on an icy bridge int he middle of a blizzard and makes her way across it.

Suddenly there are human figures in front of her telling her to go back, they are dressed odd, not int he fashion vikings dress in cold weather. Astrid is with them, dressed as them and starts to laugh when she sees Ruffnut.

So my dream concludes that those are Agents of S.H.I.L.D trying to keep things that come through the portal from venturing too far. They recruited Astrid after seeing how kick-ass she was but the whole weird kicker is that Berk is in the Asgardian Universe and we are in ours. So for some reason my dream was a HTTYD/Marvel crossover.

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A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labour. Shortly after she became depressed and her health declined, and she was diagnosed with depression. So they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth, and gave them to the tiger. The tiger now loves these pigs and treats them like her babies.

I HAD TO… i felt forced.

Oh god that is so beautiful

aww, so I wanted to know more about this and googled it; Snopes says the story isn’t real :(  The images are most likely due to visual entertainment that the Zoo puts on. More info here

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holy shit

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the most dramatic scene in the entire show

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